godaddy coupons - promoting website on the cheap

Use Promo Codes To Promote Your Website on the Cheap.

Promoting Your Website on the Cheap

Your website won’t become profitable if no one knows about it. But marketing is intimidating for many webmasters, even when they know they’re selling a valuable product. It’s worse if they don’t have much capital, but these tips can help anyone with a limited budget grow their website’s audience.

Give out Promo Codes (like GoDaddy):
godaddy coupons - promoting website on the cheap

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Talk about it

Sharing your projects with new people is a reliable promotion technique, as long as it gets done the right way. Most people know a friend or acquaintance that pushes a product or service too hard. Don’t follow their example, and think about how your words and actions make others feel.

If you don’t like it when someone continually praises themselves during conversations, don’t do the same. Instead, stay friendly and open, no matter who you’re talking to.  Their interest will naturally grow as you share ideas. Then you can calmly introduce your website and intently listen as they give feedback.

But who do you talk to? While anyone could show interest in your website, you should know who’s likely to keep returning as you update content. Of course, you don’t have to talk in person. Online communities in your niche are a great resource. Not only will you learn a lot about your interests, but you can also share valuable information and direct people to your website for more. Remember, your target audience will only navigate to your site if they think it’s valuable.

Use business cards

When you find someone who wants to look at your website, it’s helpful to share information quickly. After all, people probably don’t want to search for a notepad or type frantically on their smartphone. Instead, hand them a business card that includes your web address.

It’s easy to buy business cards in bulk, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carefully consider your design choices. Cards should communicate information quickly, which means avoiding clunky designs.

If you use too much text or flood your card with design elements, your readers will have a hard time finding the information they’re seeking. Also, avoid long, complicated website addresses. Remember, your viewer won’t visit your website until they’ve copied its URL.

If you are unsure of your artistic talent, use a simple design or hire a professional. You can even ask friends and family to proofread your cards, just makes sure to ask if it’s hard to find your website’s name and address.

Link it to your profiles

If you have an online presence, add your web address to your profiles. Many websites even allow you to share your hobbies, history, and career. Take advantage, and write detailed biographies. Just make sure they aren’t too formal! People want to learn about you, and letting your personality control your bio is more charming than writing down cold, detached facts.

If you don’t have a robust online presence, you can always start now. Join a community that loves the same things you do. Sharing helpful or amusing articles and posts will arouse people’s curiosity, and they might navigate to your website to learn more. Starting a blog is a great way to promote yourself, though it can take several months or years to reach a broad audience.

Keep in mind, too, that some niches are more popular than others. But just because yours is obscure doesn’t mean you won’t attract a healthy following, though having realistic expectations means you can look at your website’s progress accurately. People love learning about new and weird things!

Think creatively

It’s easy to believe that you have few marketing options if you’re a webmaster without a lot of capital. But this true only if you refuse to think creatively. Brainstorm ways to make your website more visible is easy and fun and can lead to some surprisingly successful ideas.

Creating attractive T-shirts that advertise your website, and gifting them to family and friends means they’re promoting wherever they go. That is just one example, but you can always ask other entrepreneurs and webmasters about their favorite strategies. Nurturing a creative mindset means you’re still ready for your next marketing discovery, whether you’re taking a stroll along the beach or reading your favorite blogs.

Marketing your website is a fun challenge and one you can master, no matter your budget.