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Social Media Tools and Media Temple Coupon Codes Worth Using

There are many social media platforms and tools out there, and even more coupon websites featuring deals for hundreds of companies. Which ones should you use for your business?

Worth It: Media Temple Coupon Codes

I personally use Media Temple to host websites for myself and for clients, and I love it. It’s fast, reliable, and reasonably priced to start with. Even more reasonable when you use Media Temple Coupon Codes. They can set you up with your domain name, website, email, and more! A really great company to work with.

Media Temple Coupon Codes

Worth It: Facebook Graph

Social media is an amazing platform to use in order to spread awareness of your brand as well as increase your social reach in terms of attracting more potential customers. A strong social media marketing strategy is an absolute must for every inbound marketing campaign. A social media presence gives you the chance to interact directly with customers and potential customers, which can provide you with a huge source of information – both about your customer base and about your products or services. In addition to using social media to reach out to your audience, you should also make sure to take advantage of the many tools that social media sites provide. One such tool is the Facebook graph search.

The graph search is a tool that Facebook implemented last year that will help provide you with incredibly specific information to better help you understand and target your audience. For example, you can use the Facebook graph search in order to look up followers living in a specific city who use products or services similar to the ones you provide. The search will produce specific answers that you can narrow down even more using a number of filter options.

This tool could be hugely beneficial to companies using social media as a way to market their brand. The ability to find out specific information about your followers will be able to give you a better idea of how to adjust your social media marketing strategy to better target your consumer base. You’ll be able to use a micro-targeting strategy without investing time and money into the extensive analysis and consumer research that micro-targeting usually requires.

Many social media sites provide companies with a number of tools to help them market their brand. You should take advantage of these social media tools to better analyze the effectiveness of your social media campaign and your consumer base in order to improve upon your social media strategy.